Best Triple Monitor Stands [2020 Review]

If you are a creator or doing multi-tasking then you must have the best triple monitor stand. You may know that setting three different monitors on one office table requires lots of space. 

The triple monitor stands are one of the best tools to save space. You can put up three medium-sized monitors on these types of mounts. The triple monitor stands allow you to set those monitors at the perfect height. 

It makes your work desk more comfortable. But, there are a few things that make a monitor stand best. We have found out ten best triple monitor stands. We will help you and make your shopping easier by reviewing ten triple monitor stands. If you’re looking to mount monitors on your wall, checkout our best dual monitor wall mount article.

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Top Triple Monitor Stands

The Metiya triple monitor stand is perfect for both flat and curved computers. You can fit monitors from 17 inches to 27 inches in size and 17.6 lbs in weight. Each arm can hold up to 17.6lbs weight.

The stand comes with articulating monitor arms. This allows you to adjust the monitor 360°. You can 90° swivels and 45° tilt the monitor according to your needs. With this feature, you can find the perfect view angle for a comfortable work desk.  

The Metiya monitor stand is made of heavy-duty steel and aluminum alloy. These strong materials ensure the safety and security of your monitors. You can install this stand with a C-clamp or grommet mount.

The installation is easy. You can complete it within 10 minutes. The monitor stand has premium gas pneumatic springs. These springs allow you to set your monitors to any height and angle.

You can mount it on the 3.35-inch thick desk with clamp and grommet. It comes with a cable management system that keeps AV and power cords out of sight and organized. This is a comfortable and safe stand for your desk.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to assemble and adjust
  • Allows full adjustment
  • Cool design
  • Value for the money
  • Cable management system included
  • Does not have tightening of individual arms
  • Little touchy getting all three monitors at the right place

The ElaTab triple monitor stand can hold up to 17.6 lbs weight per arm. You can mount 17 inches to 27-inch monitors on this stand. It comes with 75×75mm and 100×100mm VESA mounting holes. 

Your monitors should have VESA holes on the back. It is designed to give you a perfect three-screen presentation and a comfortable viewing angle. The EleTab triple-monitor arm is also fully adjustable. 

You can tilt it up & down 90° and rotate it 360° left & right. This triple monitor stand allows you to set monitors vertically and horizontally. But make sure you mount it 10 cm far from the table and wall for full motion. 

You can set your monitors at an ergonomic height to improve your work posture. It will reduce pressure on your neck, back, and shoulders. The stand will come with a step by step guide and necessary tools for installation. 

The EleTab triple monitor stands mount comes with integrated cable management. It will give you a clean tabletop and stylish desk for a comfortable working environment. The cable clips are easily detachable allows you to save time while replacing cables.

  • Holds monitor well
  • Made with sturdy material
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to change the position of monitors
  • Flexible and space-saving
  • Good for security camera as well
  • Requires a lot of adjustments
  • Cable management claps are made of plastic
  • Side monitors wobble

The Huanuo full motion triple monitor is available in three colors black, white, and silver. You can use this monitor stand to fit flat and curved computers. The monitor stand is capable of holding 17.6lbs weight (each hand). 

You can mount 17 to 32-inch size monitors on this stand. It allows you to set a bit bigger monitor than other stands. You can mount it by 75×75 and 100×100 VESA mounting holes. 

The triple monitor stand allows you to customize the monitor for optimal view. You can swivel, tilt, and rotate your monitors to find a perfect position for a comfortable work desk. It also allows you to fit the monitors in landscape and portrait mode. 

There is a detachable integrated cable management system. It will help you to organize your work desk by adjusting AV and power cords. With the Huanuo triple monitor stand, you do not need to worry about back and shoulder pain. 

It will increase your work efficiency by allowing you to work on three screens at the same time. The Huanuo triple motor stand is a bit more pricy than other mounts. But, it also allows you to fit three desktops of 32 inches in size.

  • Perfect to mount 32-inch monitors
  • Quality construction
  • Made with premium material
  • Great for heavy monitors
  • Easy of assembly
  • Negative reviews for curved monitors
  • Wobbles sometime
  • A bit costly

The TechOrbits three monitor stand is the one that is perfect for small and medium-sized monitors. This monitor stand allows you to fit small 13 inch monitors and 32-inch large monitors. 

It’s every arm can hold up to 15.4 pounds (20 lbs) weight. The stand supports VESA 75×75 mm and 100×100mm holes for fitting. You can measure the mm between your monitors screw to check what size is perfect. 

The TechOrbits monitor stand comes with articulating gas spring arms to support the weight of your monitors. This durable gas springs will keep your monitors secure. This monitor stand allows you to conveniently move your monitors. 

You can tilt the screen up, down, and move it left & right. It will improve your visibility and decrease harmful glares. The monitor stand is great for your eyes as well. The premium gas-springs are made of heavy-duty aluminum. 

It provides your desk with a strong and stylish look. The TechOrbits offer three years warranty. If you have small size monitors then we highly recommend this monitor stand.

  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Cable management included
  • Build with solid material
  • Aluminum gas-springs
  • Great movement and stability
  • Perfect for small monitors
  • Wobbly
  • Difficult to tighten the two-side stand

The Huanuo Fully Adjustable Monitor comes with a free-standing base. You do not need to drill the hole in your work desk to install the stand. It allows you to move between multiple workplaces. 

However, if you want, then you can install it with the grommet kit. You can use this grommet base for excellent stability. You can install this monitor stand in the 3-inch thick desk. 

The Huanuo monitor desk mount is a perfect choice for small monitors. But, you cannot use it for medium size monitors like 26 inches or 30 inches. The monitor stand is compatible with 13 inches to 24-inch size monitors. 

Its holding capacity is better than others. It can hold a 22lbs flat and curved display. The stand allows you to tilt and swivel monitors up to 180° degrees. You can also rotate it 360° to find the best viewing angle.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Directions are easy to follow
  • It leaves a lot of room to adjust height and width
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Adjustment can take time
  • Limited height adjustment on the center monitor

The Mountup three monitor desk mount is perfect for 13 inches to 27 inch LCD. It can hold a maximum of 17.6 lbs weight per arm. This three mount monitor comes with articulating monitor arms. 

You can adjust the arms to get the optimal angle. The two outer arms can tilt -35 to +35 degrees and swivel -90 to +90 degrees. You cannot rotate your monitor 360 degrees, but you can move it from +180 to -180 degrees. 

The monitor desk mount allows you to adjust the height of the center monitor. You can easily install this stand with C-clamp or grommet mount. 

The stand has a VESA quick-release panel that makes installation simple. It also comes with integrated cable management to keep your work desk organized. The stands are made with heavy-gauge steel.  It is strong enough and secure.

  • Super affordable
  • Made with high-quality steel
  • Easy to install and assemble
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Great for small LCDs
  • Flimsy
  • Support arms are short
  • Monitor attachment system is poorly engineered

The VIVO triple monitor is the cheapest desk mount on our list. If you have small monitors and a budget, then this desk mount is perfect for you. It comes with an integrated cable management system to keep your AV and power cord organized. 

The VIVO desk mount stand is compatible with 13 inches to 24 inch small monitors. It can hold up to 15.4 lbs of weight per arm. The adjustable desk mount allows you to tilt the monitor 90 degrees, swivel 180 degrees, and rotate 360 degrees. 

It is combined with 15 points of articulation. You can create a perfect and comfortable viewing angle. It comes with a sturdy steel design and three years of manufacturer warranty. 

You can mount this with the use of a heavy-duty C-clamp and additional grommet option. It features padding, so do not worry about scratches. It will keep your desk scratch-free.

  • Made with good quality steel
  • Strong and durable computer mount
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with multiple mounting options
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Only for small display
  • Limited adjustment range

The WALI triple LCD monitor desk mount is also cheap and affordable. You can use it to mount a 27-inch desk in size and 22lbs in weight. Like others, it has two options for installation. 

You can use a C-Clamp and 4-inch diameter grommet base locking system. These systems are compatible with a 4-inch thick desk. There are limited options for adjustment. It allows you to tilt the monitor only 15 degrees that is not enough for a perfect view angle. 

You can swivel your monitor 90 degrees and rotate it 360 degrees from landscape to portrait mode. The adjustment options are limited but perfect according to price. It also allows you to adjust the monitor height on a 31.5-inch height pole. 

Height adjustment allows you to work on a more comfortable and correct position to reduce neck and eye strain. It comes with a detachable VESA plate and cable management system.

  • Well made
  • Super affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Difficult to adjust monitors
  • Do not include wrenches in the kit

The WALI premium is an average quality monitor desk mount. It supports LCD and LED flat-screen TVs up to 27 inches. However, you cannot use it for a curved display. It is fully adjustable. 

It comes with a gas spring that can tilt 45°, swivel 90°, and rotate 360°. You can adjust the height up to 17.1 inches and width up to 27.2 inches. It will make your work desk comfortable and relaxing. 

You can mount it with the high-grade material C-clamp, grommet base, and VESA plate. These multiple mounting options ensure a strong and stable connection with your desk and monitor screen.

  • No extra tools required for assembly
  • Great range of movement
  • Secure and strong
  • Include cable management
  • Can take a long time for assembly
  • Only for smaller monitors
  • According to reviews, it cannot hold 27-inch monitors

The AVLT triple monitor arms desk is the most costly arm desk on our list. It is compatible with 13 inches to 32-inch monitors. This triple monitor arms desk can hold 15.4 lbs weight per arm with VESA mounting holes. 

You can fit this arm desk on a 3.3-inch thick desk with c-clamp and grommet mounting options. It comes with a 21 height adjustment pool to provide more flexibility. The triple-monitor arm desk does not need any tools for adjustment. 

The AVLT arm desk also comes with detachable integrated cable management. This arm desk stand is made of high-quality aluminum, heavy-duty, and durable gas spring system. It holds you monitor securely and prevents wobbling or sagging.

  • Professional grade monitor
  • Perfect and sturdy
  • Adjustable and flexible
  • Easy to setup
  • Retains tension on your back, neck, and shoulders
  • A bit heavy
  • Costly than others on the list

Final Verdict

  • Huanuo Triple Monitor Stand - Best Overall

    The Huanuo triple monitor stand is a fully automated desk stand. It is a bit costly. But, according to its features, its price is worth it. It is the overall best monitor stand to buy. Highly Recommended!

  • Huanuo Monitor Desk Mount – Best Free-Standing Mount

    If you frequently have to move between multiple workplaces then this is the best choice. The Huanuo monitor desk mount comes with a free-standing base feature. You can easily put them on your work desk without drilling any holes.

  • WALI Triple Desk Mount – Best Value for Money

    The WALI triple desk mount is a cost-effective triple desk mount. The VIVO desk stand is also cheap but it is only for small monitors. But, you can use this one to mount a 27-inch medium-sized monitor.

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