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7 Best Monitors with Speakers Built In [2022 Review]

Computer displays have come a long way in recent decades thanks to technological developments in technology. Monitors now come with higher resolutions, larger panels, and sleeker backs, but nothing surpasses a monitor that has a built-in speaker. With built-in speakers, everything from video games to office work becomes more immersive and lively for you and your other users. As a result, we’ve put together a list of the top desktop monitors with built-in speakers.

You’re in luck if you’re looking for a new monitor with built-in speakers. There are a few excellent speakers built into a lot of monitors. In this review, we’ll take a look at 7 of the finest monitors with built-in speakers.

HP 24-inch Monitor, Tilt Adjustment and Anti-Glare Panel (HP 24mh, Black)
HP 24-inch Monitor, Tilt Adjustment and Anti-Glare Panel (HP 24mh, Black)
  • Full HD 1920×1080
  • Good color clarity and vibrancy
  • IPS panel
  • VESA mounting
  • Height and tilt adjustment
  • Multiple connectors/ Inputs
  • Adaptive-Sync technology
  • Built-in speakers


  • No 4K resolution
  • 75 Hz refresh rate is not as good as some other monitors

Product Description

The HP 24mh FHD screen is among the best monitors with in-built speakers. You’ll get crisp graphics and vibrant colors with a 23.8-inch IPS display and Full HD resolution. It has a 75Hz refresh rate, which is ideal for gaming and watching videos. Also, it helps to display images smoothly and in high definition without blurring or flickering.

This monitor has a 7ms reaction time to respond immediately without lag or delay when you click on something or move your mouse around the screen.

Check out the integrated speakers that provide clear sound without using external speakers or headphones. The feature is perfect for people with limited space on their desktops who still want to enjoy listening to music or watching videos without plugging anything into the computer’s USB ports.

Another function of this monitor is its adaptive-sync technology. It eliminates screen tearing and lag time when playing video games or watching movies. Plus, 3 input connectors: VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort, are perfect when connecting your laptop or PC through any of these ports.

The IPS panel and a 1920×1080 resolution offer a fantastic user experience. They work with the wide 178-degree angle to give you vibrant colors and pleasant viewing. Remember, this monitor lacks a 4K resolution, which might be a deal breaker for some people looking for the best monitors with speakers built-in.

Our Verdict

The HP 24mh FHD monitor works best for those looking for an affordable screen with great graphics. It has features like 3 input connectors to expand your connections and quality inbuilt speakers for that immense sound. Apart from lacking a 4K resolution, the imaging and colors are top-notch as per its price.

HP VH240a 23.8-Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor with Built-In Speakers
HP VH240a 23.8-Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor with Built-In Speakers
  • Fast response time
  • Clear images and viewing
  • Loud 2w built-in speakers
  • Decent 23.8-inch screen size
  • 3 inputs choices
  • AMD FreeSync technology
  • VESA mounting option
  • Multiple connectors
  • It needs better sound clarity
  • 60 Hz refresh rate is not as good as some other monitors

If you’re looking for the best monitors with speakers built-in featuring a high refresh rate of 1 millisecond, you’ve found it. The HP screed boasts an advanced TN Panel Type to prevent motion blurs when playing games or watching videos online. Its 5 milliseconds response time is much faster than other brands on the market to make your browsing and editing more seamless.

We love this unit’s 1600 x 900 pixels resolution, which is ideal for most users. Its clarity works well with the wide 23.8-inch display for improved comfort and user experience. You can use it for an extended period when working or enjoying a movie.

The built-in speakers are loud enough to fill a room but not so loud that they’re distracting. Adjust the volume to find the right balance between volume and clarity. In addition, you can connect your computer or laptop to this monitor without additional cables or adapters thanks to the 3 inputs: VGA, 2 HDMI ports, and DVI (sharper picture) .

Our Verdict

The HP 24mh FHD monitor works best for those looking for an affordable screen with great graphics. It has features like 3 input connectors to expand your connections and quality inbuilt speakers for that immense sound. Apart from lacking a 4K resolution, the imaging and colors are top-notch as per its price.

Sceptre 20 inch 1600x900 75Hz Ultra-Thin LED Monitor with Built-in Speakers
Sceptre 20 inch 1600x900 75Hz Ultra-Thin LED Monitor with Built-in Speakers
  • It has 1600×900 resolution which is best for productivity
  • The 20-inch display size and TN panel ensures good color and contrast
  • 75 Hz refresh rate for gaming or other fast-moving content
  • 5 ms response time snappy enough for general use and basic gaming.
  • It supports wall mounting placement
  • A 4.4-pound weight for safe carrying
  • Uses advanced flicker-free technology
  • Not ideal for gaming


  • TN panel may not be as good as other panels for color accuracy, so it’s not good for professional photo editing due to TN panel.

The Sceptre LED is among the best monitors with integrated speakers excellent choice for a large, inexpensive screen. It has an ultra-thin profile thanks to the 20-inch display size and a 1600 x 900 pixels (HD+) resolution for crisp, clear images.

You don’t have to worry about lag or ghosting when gaming or watching a video. This device has a 5-millisecond response time to prevent unclear viewing for a comfortable user experience. Moreover, it comes equipped with built-in speakers that offer excellent audio quality and volume level. With these speakers, you prevent purchasing external speakers or headphones to get good sound from your computer.

Notice the wide viewing angle of this monitor that offers a 170° (horizontal) or a 160° (vertical) function. You can see the screen from many different angles without losing image quality.

The monitor’s dimensions are 7.17 x 18.35 x 13.58 inches, which is small enough to fit on your home office desk without using too much room and big enough to view images clearly and easily. And the weight is 4.43 lbs for easy, secure, and convenient movement.

This monitor has wall-mountable capabilities making it among the best monitors with speakers built-in for secure placement in your home or office. Also, a flicker-free technology that supports comfortable and extended use without eye-straining.

Our Verdict

The Sceptre LED monitor is perfect if you want an inexpensive and functional screen. It’s among the best monitors with speakers built-in with excellent sound production and an ultra-thin profile for additional beauty. You will get crisp and clear images with a 1600 x 900 pixels (HD+) resolution. The absence of adaptive sync technology is a significant flaw with this monitor.

Dell P2418HZM 24 inch with Built-in Speakers
Dell P2418HZM 24 inch with Built-in Speakers
  • Suitable for video conferencing
  • A high refresh rate of 2418 Hz
  • Quality display and high 2048 x 1080 resolution
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Supports multiple mounting
  • The instructions could be better and much clearer
  • The plug works better with a 3.0 USB port

Product Description

The Dell P2418HZM 24-inch monitor is an excellent unit for those who love video conferencing. It has all the functionalities that support zoom meetings and remote video calls. For instance, its integrated speakers offer quality sound and a 24-inch display for comfortable viewing.

This screen is an excellent choice for anyone who can connect multiple devices like laptops, tablets, phones, game consoles, and more into one screen. It features numerous input ports, including an HDMI, DVI-D port, DisplayPort connector (DP), VGA port, and USB 2.0 ports. These inputs ensure no need for different wires that cause a messy display.

We can’t fail to mention the high refresh rate of 2418 Hz, suitable for competitive gamers and video editors alike. You don’t have to strain when working for an extended time as the 2048 x 1080 pixels offers quality colors for maximum user comfort.

The screen is surrounded by an edge-to-edge glass design, making it look sleek and modern. Its bezels around the edges are thin enough to provide plenty of space for your workspace without using too much of your desk’s area or blocking off essential items.

This screen is among the best monitors with speakers built-in with VESA mounting holes to let you mount it to a stand or wall. It weighs only 17 pounds for easy carry around wherever you go.

Our Verdict

If you have a lot of remote meetings and use Zoom for most of your work, then this monitor is ideal. It has a high 2048 x 1080 resolution and a refresh rate of 2418 Hz for clear viewing with no blurs. Moreover, you can wall-mount or table mount to meet your setup because of the VESA mounting holes.

HP M27ha FHD Monitor with Built-in Audio
HP M27ha FHD Monitor with Built-in Audio
  • Wide 27-inch screen size
  • Advanced low blue light software
  • It comes with a 3-sided micro-edge bezel
  • Adjustable height
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • No built-in USB ports
  • The maximum height could be higher
  • No camera

Our Verdict

The HP M27ha Monitor is well-built, featuring integrated speakers and a quality finish. It has a 27-inch screen for comfortable viewing and Low Blue Light software to reduce eye strain while working. Also, adjusting the height is handy when viewing the screen from different angles.


Product Description

The HP M27ha Monitor is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-quality monitor with integrated speakers. It has a 27-inch screen, so it’s not too big and not too small, and it comes with the HP Low Blue Light software that helps reduce eye strain while you’re working.

This unit is straightforward to use for beginners. Adjust the brightness and contrast on the screen, so there’s no need to use a keyboard or mouse. And this monitor will adjust based on how much light is coming in through your windows or overhead lighting fixtures.

This display is full HD with a 3-sided micro-edge bezel display that allows you to see more of your screen without the bezel’s distraction. It’s so thin that it feels like you’re just looking at the picture.

Another function worth noting is the height adjustment feature of 100mm. Adjust up and down to your desired height as the 90°pivot supports rotation from side to side for easier viewing from different angles.

Dell S3221QS 32 Inch Curved 4K UHD with Built-in Speakers
Dell S3221QS 32 Inch Curved 4K UHD with Built-in Speakers
  • It has a wide 32-inch screen display
  • Quality 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • Multiple input ports
  • The AMD FreeSync tech supports a smooth gaming experience
  • Easily adjustable stand height
  • The manual controls could be more customizable
  • The supplied cable is a bit substandard

Our Verdict


The Dell S3221QS is an excellent choice if you want a big monitor with 4K UHD resolution and outstanding gaming capabilities. The 60 Hz refresh rate and VA panel technology have significant limitations, but the advantages far exceed the disadvantages. If you want to use the Dell S3221QS for multimedia and multi-monitor setups, it’s the best choice because it has an 1800R curved screen and small bezels.

Product Description 

Dell S3221QS Curved 4K UHD Monitor is one of the best monitors with speakers built-in screens featuring a wide display. Its 32-inch screen offers a great multimedia experience to its users. You can use it for gaming, watching movies, or just doing your work on the internet. Also, mounting to a monitor arm improves the stability.

This device has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, making everything look crisp and clear. Plus, a modern curved design adds to the overall experience providing a better viewing angle than flat screens.

Do you know you can keep this monitor safe and secure? Thanks to a security-lock slot, it enhances safety for the user. Additionally, its HDMI 2.0 ports, USB 3.0 downstream with BC 1.2 charging, DisplayPort 1.2, Audio line out port, and USB 3.0 upstream and downstream ports support multiple connectivity. If you have a triple monitor setup you can make your work more convenient when using this best monitor with speakers built-in.

The Dell S3221QS monitor has AMD Free Sync technology for a smooth gaming experience without lag or stuttering. Also, an adjustable height stand and tilt feature let you set the monitor to the preferred viewing angle.

Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor with Build-in Speakers
Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor with Build-in Speakers
  • Quality in-built speakers
  • Clear and vibrant imaging
  • Fast response times
  • Blue Light shift reduces eye strain
  • Supports multitask watching
  • Some users complain about ghosting at a 200HZ refresh rate

Our Verdict

The Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming monitor has speakers built in to provide a decent sound. You’ll enjoy a crisp and clear view when gaming thanks to the 2560 x 1080 pixels display resolution. Besides, Picture in Picture functionality supports multitasking, watching, and use.

Product Description

The Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming screen is among the best monitors with speakers built in. They provide decent sound quality, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing additional speakers if you don’t want to use headphones while playing games or watching movies on your computer screen. Also, the 2560 x 1080 pixels display resolution gives you a crisp and clear view of every game you play.

The screen size of this unit is 30 inches, so it feels like you are playing games on a large TV. With a DP up to 200Hz refresh rate, it guarantees a fast response than most brands in the market. Plus, it won’t lag or blur when gaming making it a popular choice among the best monitors with speakers built-in.

Take note of the advanced Blue Light Shift that comes in handy when reducing eye strain. You can now play longer without feeling tired or fatigued.

Sceptre 30-inch curved monitor boasts HDR400 (High Dynamic Range) and a 1ms MPRT Response Time. These features are ideal for gamers looking for high-quality pictures and fast response times without purchasing additional equipment.

Lastly, a unique feature we can’t fail to mention is the Picture in Picture functionality. It lets you multitask by watching two different videos at once. Also, it’s perfect for those who want to play games like Quake Champions and Overwatch while watching their favorite TV show or movie simultaneously.



Monitors with built-in speakers are usually a good thing to have around. In this list, you’ll find a variety of high-quality displays with a variety of unique capabilities. You may choose the monitor that best suits your needs, but keep in mind that greater specifications may not
always be better or more appropriate for you.

You must consider the purpose of the display. If you want a gaming monitor, pay attention to the refresh rate and reaction time, before purchasing.

Additional aspects include models ideal for business. Some screens for office work and high-resolution panels like 4K or QHD may not be the best choice for everyone. 

How We Choose and Test

We’ve reviewed hundreds of monitors and narrowed our
list to the top 7. These are the most highly recommended monitors with built-in
speakers, and we believe they are the best available options.

To make this list, a monitor needed excellent reviews
from users and experts alike and great features that other competitors don’t have.
It also needed a speaker system that worked well with whatever computer it was
attached to (whether it was Mac or PC).


The next consideration was the overall quality of the
picture and sound. It is essential to know that having speakers built into your
monitor does not mean there will be high-quality sound coming from them. Most
of these displays offer above-average audio quality that may not be suitable
for surround sound listening. Additionally, if you want an affordable monitor
with built-in camera, look for the 32” computer monitor. It’s got everything
you need, including a high-quality screen and a camera for crystal-clear images
of yourself or your surroundings.


We looked at what people loved about each monitor and
then compared those features against competitors. We found that these 7
monitors met our criteria and provided users with an optimal experience.


If you’re looking for an easy way to improve
multitasking watching and use, then a model with Picture in Picture
functionality is ideal. For gamers, a screen with a fast response rate under 5
milliseconds suits the job.


What to Look for When Choosing
the Best Monitor with Speakers Built-in

Picking the best monitor with in-built speakers can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to look for. We’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the options and find one that fits your needs.


a)  Multi-tasking Capability

First and foremost, you want your monitor to handle your preferred tasks comfortably. For example, if you spend most of your time watching videos on YouTube or Netflix, get something that can reproduce color accurately. Consider Picture in Picture functionality for various projects.

If you do graphic design or edit videos, you’ll want a monitor that can display different shades of gray and black without having to use software adjustments.

b)  Quality In-built Speakers

Finding a monitor with speakers that don’t sound like they’re coming from inside a tin can is crucial. Some monitors have integrated speakers that are pretty good, but others sound so bad. Ensure that the speakers can produce high-quality sound without distortion or interference from other nearby devices.

You should also check if they have a volume control so you can adjust them according to your needs. It is also essential they do not distort at high volume for you to get the best experience while using them for watching videos or playing games on your computer screen.

c)  Good Viewing Angles

When choosing a monitor with built-in speakers, ensure it has good viewing angles.  This lets everyone enjoy watching videos without having their view blocked. Also, the screen’s orientation guarantees that no one is missing out on any of the actions because they don’t want to sit in a specific spot due to their screen being partially blocked by someone else sitting next to them.

d)  Display Size

Most best monitors with speakers built-in are around 23″ to 27″, but you may want something smaller or larger depending on your space. You’ll want something tinier if you’re using it in a small area like an office cubicle. You can fit a larger monitor without feeling cramped if you have a larger room to spread out. A 32-inch computer monitor allows comfortable viewing.

If you’re using this unit as an all-in-one device for gaming or watching videos, get something with a larger display for clear views. However, if you use this monitor primarily for work purposes such as writing reports or doing research, having a smaller screen will make these tasks easier to complete.

e)  Connectivity or Inputs

Another important thing when choosing the best monitor with speakers built in is whether or not other people will use it. If so, having multiple ports for different devices might be beneficial because everyone will use whatever they need at any given time without worrying about adding additional connectors.

Always consider the connectivity options when picking the best monitor with speakers built-in. Some screens have HDMI ports while others have more such as VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort.

f)   Price of the Monitor Computer

The price of these monitors varies greatly depending on their size, features, and brand name/quality level. You can find some models under $100 while others cost hundreds of dollars more. Set aside enough cash for an ideal set but make sure you’re not buying a monitor too cheap it’ll break down after a few months.

g)  Screen Resolution

What kind of screen resolution do you need? If your eyesight is poor or you have trouble seeing small text, higher resolutions may be worth considering since they will make everything more prominent and easier to read. However, if this isn’t an issue for you, there’s no point in getting anything higher than 1080p.

h)  Enough Power Output

Finally, ensure the monitor has enough power output to prevent distortions when playing music too loudly. The power output is measured by watts RMS (root mean square). The higher this number, the more powerful your speakers will be. You should look for monitors with a power output of at least 80 watts RMS or more.

If you’re looking for something for a professional environment, the monitor should have enough power output to fill up an entire conference room or auditorium with sound. You can go even further and get something with surround sound if you want to hear everything clearly from any angle in the room.

Benefits of Integrated Speakers: Monitors with Speakers Built-in

You’re in luck if you’re looking for a monitor with built-in speakers. Many options are available for you to get the best monitor computer with integrated speakers. Let’s view some of the notable advantages these displays provide:

  • Supports use in a public location

Monitor for desktops with inbuilt speakers can be a godsend if you’re working in an environment where you have to listen to music, video, or audio while you work. If you can’t wear headphones or work in a public place, integrated monitors could be the solution.

  • No need for additional set-up

The other benefit of the best monitors with speakers built-in is your computer’s processor powers them. That means no need for additional set-up or configuration. Also, they tend to have better sound quality than the standard monitors for desktops or laptops, which may be located at the back of the device.

  • Eliminate extra cables

You can listen to music, watch videos and play games without worrying about tangled cables in your workspace. You’ll relax more when listening through these inbuilt speakers rather than struggling with wires whenever someone walks past your desk.

  • Support multitasking

Integrated speakers make it easier for people to use two different computers simultaneously. One can help with work and the other for personal use. These audio devices let you listen to music or talk while working on your computer without going into another room to listen through speakers instead of headphones or earbuds.

This is especially useful if there’s no sound system in the office where many people may be working on different things simultaneously, such as meetings.

  • Suitable for home and office

Monitors with speakers allow you to seek assistance from others in the office. They let you hear instructions from other staff members without taking off your headphones or earbuds. Since they don’t require an external speaker system to work, they can help save space on your desk. You can plug them into your computer or laptop and start listening to music or watching videos immediately.

  • Integrated webcam for added user convenience

Monitors with a built-in webcam help in business settings where security is essential. Having a camera built into your screen means you don’t have to worry about someone hacking into your computer system or spying on you. This makes things easier when installing new software or managing your IT systems remotely.

  • Multiple input ports

You’ll also find most of the best monitors with speakers built-in come with two different types of inputs: USB ports and HDMI ports, perfect when connecting multiple devices at once. Many monitors for computers today have HDMI ports to let you connect devices like TVs and gaming consoles much easier. Attach one end of an HDMI cable between your display and a preferred gadget like an Xbox One, then plug the other end into the device. There’s no need for multiple cables or adapters for improved use.

  • Easy set-up or mounting

The advantages of mounting your monitors with integrated speakers are many. You can save space by creating a clean and clutter-free look wall-mounting. Also, it’s much easier to adjust the height of your monitor without moving furniture or other items to get the proper perspective.

Plus, it’s much safer than traditional speakers without a built-in camera. This is important if you plan on using these monitors for computers in an office setting.

The Best Monitors with Speakers Built-in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it better to get a monitor with built-in speakers?

A: Yes. There are many reasons you should get a monitor with speakers built in, but the most important is convenience. With this type, you won’t have to worry about finding a place for your speakers. Also, it eliminates buying a separate set of speakers because they come with the screen.

Q: Are there gaming monitors with speakers?

A: Yes. The best monitors with built-in speakers are a great way to get the best of both worlds. This includes a large, high-resolution display and powerful speakers. These displays allow you to play games or watch videos without connecting external speakers.

Q: How do built-in monitors connect to speakers?

A: Built-in monitors connect to speakers by way of a 1/8″ TRRS port, the same port you’d use for the headphone jack on most phones. You can plug your best monitor with speakers built-in into any standard audio system or speaker set-up.

Q: Do all desktop computers have inbuilt speakers?

A: Yes. All desktop computers have inbuilt speakers. Desktop Pcs are designed to be connected to a monitor, and the monitor has built-in speakers.

Q: What are the features of a monitor with built-in speakers?

A: If you get one with a built-in camera, it allows you to view what’s going on around you without switching modes or screens. Unlike regular PC speakers or headphones, you’ll see whoever is talking or walking by through your screen.

Q: Do monitors for computers with built-in speakers have better quality?

A: Yes. Monitors with cameras have better quality video and sound than those without cameras. They have an integrated microphone and camera, suitable video calls and remote meetings. But remember, it depends on the type of speaker and display model you choose. Some surpass the expected sound quality monitors while others do not.

What NOT to Expect from the Best Monitors with Built-in Speakers

When shopping for a new monitor, it’s easy to get caught up in the specs and forget what’s important. There are some things you should expect and some things you shouldn’t.

Here’s the list as follows:

Surround sound: This will not happen because the speakers are too small and have limited space. Most don’t have enough power to implement a surround sound system. The speakers may be placed on the sides of the monitor rather than facing toward you, which means you’ll have to turn your head to hear them. This might cause strain on your neck and back.

A high-quality experience: You might find a monitor that has decent sound quality. However, suppose it doesn’t work well with your computer or isn’t compatible with your operating system. In that case, it wastes all that fancy sound quality.

Bottom line

If you want great sound and video quality when using your monitor as an entertainment center or gaming station, get an external speaker system and connect via Bluetooth or USB.


If you’re looking for the perfect monitor to pair with your PC, you’ll want to consider best monitors with speakers built-in. They are great for people who enjoy listening to music while they work and don’t want to connect to external speakers. Also, these displays work well for gamers because of a built-in camera. Not only for chatting with friends but also to enhance the gaming experience.

As mentioned earlier, the many different sizes of monitors range from 23 inches to 32 inches. The latter has all the features of a regular computer monitor, like an integrated camera. Moreover, they have speakers for listening to music or watching movies without connecting to external audio or headphones.

While some monitors have built-in cameras, they’re not as good as standalone webcams or digital cameras. You can expect them to have reliable sound quality because the speakers are part of the monitor’s internal hardware. However, if your Pc is small enough and has enough USB ports, you can connect a separate speaker system for surround sound.

I hope this article has been helpful. We have a wide selection of monitors with built-in cameras and speakers.

The main goal of PatchKnot is to ensure you get the best information about monitors with built-in speakers. We are a team of experts who create review articles and guides. We have a very strict process when selecting products for our website. All products go through our editorial team for content validity and quality assurance before they can be published on our website. Our extensive research process ensures that all products we feature are up-to-date and accurate to be confident in your purchasing decisions.

So, if you use your computer for work or play, we have the screen that fits your needs. We have 32″ computer monitors like the Dell S3221QS Speakers that are perfect for working from home or in the office. They have built-in cameras so you can easily make video calls to colleagues or friends. You can also use them for gaming, watching movies and more! Please visit PatchKnot for reviews on Monitors, Monitor Arms and Home Office items. Alternatively, email us for speedy response.